CAPTIO® is a honeycomb module made from 100% recycled polypropylene available in heights between 30 and 240 mm. It is designed to create a temporary water reservoir for waterproof flat roofs.

  The MORE accreditation label

We use 100% recycled raw materials sourced from the textile industry.

  ISO 9001

Our company is certified compliant with the international ISO 9001 standard.

  • Provides temporary water retention for waterproofed flat roofs to minimise over-saturation of the mains stormwater drainage system.
  • Also suitable for levelling flat roofs using a lightweight fill.
  • Provides gravel ballasting of inverted insulation.

CAPTIO is certificated compliant by a technical inspection agency.

Product Details


Data sheet

30-240 mm
Water retention capacity
28 to 227 litres per m3
100% recycled polypropylene
Footprint of CAPTIO® 60-240
0.9564 m2
Footprint of CAPTIO® 30-40
0.9085 m2
46 kg / m3
Temperature resistance
-30°C to +60°C
UV resistance
1 year
Vertical compressive strength
ISO 844 standard compliant

A ready-to-use product: pre-assembled modules.

Large contact area to limit the risk of piercing the waterproof roofing membrane.

Tiles are perforated to promote water and air flow between cells.

A wide range of thicknesses to meet all technical requirements.

High compressive strength: 30 tonnes per m2. 95% void.

Reversible and easy to cut.

Schematic cross-section of flat roof terrace with loose gravel protectionSchematic cross-section of flat roof terrace with stabilised gravel protectionDiagram of a pedestrian-accessible flat roof terrace paved on riser pedestals

In lowland climates (less than 900-metres altitude) on a structural masonry base with a gradient of no more than 5%.

Inaccessible or technical flat roof terraces.

Green and garden flat roof terraces.

Flat roof terraces with pedestrian access.

Flat roof terraces with car access.