40 mm deep honeycomb cell module with integral geotextile membrane and interconnection system.

  The MORE accreditation label

We use 100% recycled raw materials sourced from the textile industry.

  ISO 9001

Our company is certified compliant with the international ISO 9001 standard.

  • Provides stability for gravel covering of flat roofs to protect the waterproof roofing membrane from adverse weather.
  • Can also replace concrete slabs around up to 2 metres wide around buildings with inaccessible flat roofs.


  • The product must be laid in accordance with the recommendations set out in DTU 43.1.
  • The cells must be filled to the top.
  • Type/grade of gravel: 8/16 mm.
  • Gravel stabilisation for inaccessible flat roofs of buildings:
  • - more than 28 metres high in Zone 1 (all locations) or Zone 2 (standard locations)
  • - more than 20 metres high in Zone 2 (exposed locations) or Zone 3 (standard locations)
  • - of any height in Zone 3 (exposed locations) or Zone 4 (all locations)

Product Details


Data sheet

40 mm
Pallet packaging
60 items - 54,51 m2
Overall dimension
1 155 x 800 mm
Usable area
0,9085 m2
Truck packaging
1 821,60 m2
Volume / weight of gravel per m2
37,5 litres - 46 kg +/- 2 kg
Type of decorative finish
100% recycled polypropylene
Usable dimensions
1 150 mm x 800 mm x 40 mm*
2.3 kg
Cell structure
Hexagonal (honeycomb) / Diameter: 42 mm
Integral 60g/m2 geotextile membrane
Temperature resistance
-30°C to +60°C
UV resistance
Frost resistance

Keeps gravel in place

Easy to handle: a lightweight product.

Easy and quick to lay.

Can be cut to size

100% recycled material.

Cross-section of Procap Cross-section of flat roof terrace with stabilised gravel protection

Flat roof terraces with pedestrian access.

Green and garden flat roof terraces. (Design and creation of paths)