Adjustable riser pedestal for paving - 140/230 mm

Adjustable riser pedestal for paving.

These OCAPE® paving riser pedestals are height-adjustable from 140 to 230 mm.

  The MORE accreditation label

We use 100% recycled raw materials sourced from the textile industry.

  ISO 9001

Our company is certified compliant with the international ISO 9001 standard.

  • Adjustable 140 / 230mm riser pedestal to support paving and protect the waterproof membrane of flat roofs.


  • The paving used must be self-supporting and compliant with class T7 or T11.
  • For use with ceramic tiles, please refer to the ‘Ceramic tiles on waterproof membranes’ Professional Rules (July 2019 edition).
  • The average requirement is 7 riser pedestals per m2 for 40 x 40 cm paving slabs and 5 riser pedestals per m2 for 50 x 50 cm paving slabs.

Product Details

HDA 140/230 mm

Data sheet

140-230 mm
40 items per bag
Pallet packaging
8 bags - 320 items
Type of decorative finish
100% recycled polypropylene
Height: 9 mm / Thickness: 3 mm / Quantity: 4
Flange diameter
208 mm - Ground contact area greater than 300 cm2
Riser head diameter
120 mm - Bearing contact area greater than 100 cm2
Temperature resistance
-30°C to +60°C
UV resistance
Frost resistance
Crush test strength
when loaded to more than 1 tonne

Millimetre-accurate screw adjustment, with no additional tools required.

Self-locking grooves for extra ground support.

Riser pedestal base chamfered to avoid damaging flat roof membranes, multi-perforated to prevent water retention.

Snappable spacers.

Crush resistance greater than 1 tonne.

Schematic cross-section of a flat roof paved using riser pedestals
Diagram of a flat roof terrace with pedestrian access paved using riser pedestals and temporary stormwater retention modules

Flat roof terraces with pedestrian access.

Garden roof terraces