OCAPE products are designed to meet the demanding requirements of waterproof flat roofing professionals. They comply fully with French standards and are certificated by a technical inspection agency.


Design office

Our research and development team liaises regularly with every waterproofing and roofing trade as part of our commitment to developing products that not only comply with all relevant standards, but are also fully compatible with on-site realities.

Sales force

Our national and international sales force is trained to advise you on all our waterproofing and roofing products. Every member of the team understands the issues you face and the needs you have, and is trained to recommend only the most appropriate solutions for your projects.

Technical support

Our technical team is available to answer all your questions, from site-specific installation advice (surfaces, technical paving, etc.) to guiding you in selecting those accessory products that will make your work easier, and advising you on the standards you need to comply with.


Our OCAPE® brand is available only to waterproofing and roofing professionals, and has been designed to meet every one of your needs:

  • easy installation, even on large roofs (apartment buildings, industrial sites and commercial buildings)
  • adjustments and sizing to cover the full range of heights and simplify the levelling of flat roof terraces
  • solutions for every type of decorative finish


As more and more people choose to live in cities, homes are becoming smaller and driving a need to restructure the spaces people live in. This emerging need requires us to reconsider the way we design flat roofs with the constant aim of making the most of small spaces, and being mindful of the issues around resource management.


Local teams

We want to work as closely as possible with you, which is why all our teams are based in France, while our sales advisers maintain a regional presence giving you a dedicated point of contact.

Responsiveness & availability

Because they work locally, our teams are easy to contact. Every one of our branches has a direct-dial number for effective communication around product details, order tracking, and all the other important aspects of providing a professional service.

Local partners

Our products are made in France using local raw materials so that we can bring you French expertise and guarantee the quality of our products.



Our long-term environmental goals are to:

  • Reduce waste
  • Reduce our environmental impact, save energy and conserve resources
  • Choose greener models of consumption and working methods
  • Improve occupational wellbeing and life in the workplace

One of the main considerations here is the need for a clear understanding of the rules for recycling. TMP CONVERT is uncompromising in terms of checking the origin of all the materials it uses. A large proportion of those materials are the end product of a recycling circuit. Our company has been awarded the MORE (MObilised for REcycling) accreditation label introduced by the French Plastics and Composites Federation certifying our use of recycled plastics in product manufacture. Accepting eco-responsibility requires us all to work together to guarantee a sustainable world for future generations.